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Q: Because of imperialism what did colonized countries have to adapt to?
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Why did the counties enter World War 1?

Initially the war started when a Duke was murdered by a Serbian. Many countries were furious with Germany/Hungary and Austria for their Monarchical rule and unfairness to the other countries. The war escalated as Germany angered many countries over sinking their ships and the Lusitania. The basic problem was the aristocracy and monarch did not care about the general populous or their rights. In the end the imperialistic Monarchs had to give up their countries and adapt differing governing methods and give up land to various people groups.

How did the people of Northern Europe adapt Italian Renaissance ideas to their society?

Humanist's ideas separating from Catholic Church Art (more Gothic themes) Hope this helps =)

Where are the quotes I am are a weapon command me and evaluate adapt destroy from?

You gave no quotes. It is possible that there are three phrases there from various sources, but with no purpose, no separations, no quotes, commas, or even spaces, there is no way to answer this question.

What is unique about the heritage and identity of tejanos among Americans?

-all official documents had to be in Spanish language -mexico outlawed slavery in 1829, which slaveowners weren't happy about. -unwilling to adapt Mexican laws -few converted to Catholicism

How did africans adapt to their environment?

Africans adapted to their environment by making food out of available goods, changing clothes to go with the weather, learning how to build homes out of dung, and to live by rivers so they could bathe, drink, and fish. wiki on :)

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How can countries in Africa overcome different environmental challenges?

1. They can over come different environments because they can adapt to the environments that they live in.

What are the major countries that adapt the religion Christianity?

You'll find that it is large in most, if not all Western Countries

Why did Homo sapiens have to learn to adapt the environment?

That is because they had to die from starvation or to adapt.

Why did homo sapiens have learn to adapt to the environment?

That is because they had to die from starvation or to adapt.

How do you use adapt and adopt in a sentence?

Because I am willing to adapt, I will adopt your method.

What animals that adapt to different biomes?

animals adapt to differents biomes because

How do prairie dogs adapt to grassland?

They can adapt to the grassland because they are fast to catch food

How do evergreen trees adapt?

Because they do.

How does seahorse adapt to its habitat?

because they do that.

Why do humans adapt?

Humans adapt because we are living things. Two characteristics of life are reaction to stimuli and being able to adapt in certain situations. All living things adapt when it is needed.

How do animals adapt to the temperate rainforest?

Because they can.

Why do sloths adapt to the environment?

because they are fat