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No, he did not. Truman became President and authorized the use of the atomic bomb to end the war with Japan.

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Q: Did FD Roosevelt survive World War 2?
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Who was the 1st leader of the USA during World War 2?

the President was FD Roosevelt

What is FD Roosevelt's last name?


Was the FD Roosevelt related to Teddy Roosevelt?

Yes, Franklin Roosevelt and Theodore Roosevelt were fifth cousins.

How were T Roosevelt and FD Roosevelt related?

Theodore Roosevelt's brother, Elliot, is the father of Eleanor Roosevelt. Eleanor Roosevelt is married to Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Is FD Roosevelt on any other currency?

Yes, he is on the dime

Was President FD roosevelt democrat or republican?

Theodore Roosevelt was a Republican. Franklin D. Roosevelt was a Democrat.

Who was the last us president to serve more than 2 terms?

Franklin Delano Roosevelt FD Roosevelt. Is he the only one that served more ?

What year did president FD Roosevelt die?

Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR), the 32nd President, was born in 1882 and died in 1945.

What means fd god?

FD God is a war video game term for a pro at video games -Bernard Duran

What president led allied troops in World War 2?

The President of the USA, until he died shortly before the end, was FD Roosevelt. Ahh, I see what you are asking, Eisenhower was Supreme Commander of Allied Forces in Europe & went on to become US President in the 1950s.although President Roosevelt was commander in chief, General David D Eisenhower was the supreme commander on D Day

Which Democratic presidents were elected for a 2nd term?

Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, FD Roosevelt, JF Kennedy

Why FD Roosevelt elected for 3'rd term while the constitution not allowed?

There was no law saying you could not serve more than two terms while Roosevelt was in office.