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Q: Did the alliances help or hurt the countries?
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What does alliances mean in history?

For people to help defend themselves, several countries joined alliances.

Can you give me a sentence for the word alliances?

Many countries have alliances with each other.

Why did so many nations get involved in the war?

The countries went to war because they all had alliances and had no choice. The Alliances were made for protection, and if one country needed help the other country had to fight with them.

How is alliance used as a foreign policy?

Alliances are most commonly economic or military. Countries develop foreign relations with other countries and form alliances. They're kind of like cliques who form a group to protect each other and help each other.

Why did the European countries join alliances?

All of these answers are good ones. Alliances are made for support.

How did the mongols control Muslim land?

they declared themselves muslim, made alliances with other muslims countries, and vowed to help in the crusade.

Why Alliances and counter alliances when exposed created such an combustible atmosphere that made world war 1 inevitable?

There were tons of alliances made that caused ww1. Alliances made countries stronger.

Does Egypt have any alliances with other countries if so which ones?

no egypt does not have any alliances with other counties.

What was the focus of the alliances of progress?

The countries of Latin America.

What is isolationsm?

Isolationism is avoiding alliances with other countries

Why do countries make alliances in wartime?

because they want to

Did Americans avoid long term alliances with European countries?

When George Washington was President he did not want any long-term alliances with other countries not just European.