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Q: Did they evacuate children in ww1?
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What day was the order given to evacuate children?

Which children???

Was it right to evacuate children during world war 2?

i think it was right to evacuate children in WWII because it was for their safety

Who got evacuate World War 2?

children in the uk

How do you persuade parents to evacuate children?

Give them lots of chocolate

Where did children evacuate?

either abroad with strangers or in foster homes

When did children start to evacuate in World War 2?


Why did children evacuate from large British cities?

They evacuated the children so they wouldn't get bombed during the war.

Why did children evacuate in world war 2?

Children were evacuated for their safety from cities under attack or would possibly be attacked .

How many children had been evacuated in ww1?


What do you do if a thermometer breaks?

If a thermometer breaks, evacuate EVERYONE out of the area including pets and small children

Where did the pevensie children evacuate to?

They evacuated to a country house owned by an old Professor - the exact location is not named.

What age was king Harold the 2nd when he was crowned king?

little did he know that the Germans were coming to evacuate their children!