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Yes he does. While fighting the sixth Pain, Naruto is about to release the ninth tail in his demon fox formation. He is locked inside his own mind, and the Fourth Hokage appears to him, but he does not reveal that he is his father he just stands their holding Naruto's shoulder and smiling and naruto sees that its the 4th hokage.

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Q: Does Naruto find out that his dad is the fourth Hokage?
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Who is Naruto's dad?

Naruto's dad was the Fourth hokage, minato namikaze.

Who is naruto real dad?

Naruto's father is the Fourth hokage (Yondaime Hokage) who is otherwise known as Minato Namikaze.

Is naruto stronger then his dad?

Yes he is stronger than his dad the fourth hokage.

What episode does naruto find out that the fourth Hokage is his dad?

There is an episode when naruto meet his dad(the 4th hokage). When Naruto was fighting Pain and when he released the nined-tailed fox he was trap in his own mind and then his dad (Minato) stop him Naruto from getting closer to the fox.Then Later Minato say to Naruto that he was his dad.

What is the name of Naruto's dad?

the fourth hokage, Yondaime / Minato Namikaze

How will Naruto meet his dad?

some people say that narutos dad is the 4th hokage he won't. if his dad is the fourth hokage, he died at about the time naruto was born-watch the first episode andhe's a baby when the hokage dies.

Who is the fastest character in Naruto to ever lived?

Naruto's dad, Minato Namikaze (Fourth Hokage)

Who told naruto that the fourth ho kga is his dad?

The fourth hokage himself. When naruto was about to be taken over by the nine-tails.

Whos Naruto dad?

(SPOILERS POSSIBLE) Naruto's Dad is the 4th Hokage, his real name is Minato Namikaze. His mom is Kushina Uzumaki. It Says this 1st flat out in Naruto Shippuden: "Tales of A Gutsy Ninja: Jirayia Ninja Scroll" Part 2 episode:128 and agian THe 4th Hokage personally sais to naruto in his mind that he is his father episode:168 "The Fourth Hokage".

Is jiraiya related to Naruto?

He is Naruto's Godfather because Naruto's dad (Fourth Hokage)was trained with Jiraiya so that makes him his Godfather

Is Naruto's dad the fourth Hokage?

Yes, he is. It is stated once so far in Naruto Shippuden the TV show, and i think twice in the magna series. Plus the resemblence is unmistakeable. And isn't ironic how the fourth hokage gave the nine tails to a boy who happens to look just like him? Not to mention how Naruto mastered the rasengan, the FOURTH HOKAGES JUTSU, in just five days when it took the fourth hokage himself 3 years?

Will Naruto ever find out that the fourth Hokage was his dad?

yes he will when, he is fighting pain and he unleashes eight of his tails, when hinata his seriouly injured.... he talks with the fox and it trys to convince him to take off the seal and has he goes to do so his dad( the fourth hokage) stops him and they talk...and stuff