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Yes Hindus are very much particular about their caste still today although due to globalization it has not been considered imp in some big cities of the country but still the majority of Hindus go with their caste and there is no marriage or relation is allowed outside the caste

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Yes it does, we have groups within the kshatriya caste and do follow the rule of marrying within the group rather then caste but that's basically it

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Q: Does the kshatriyas caste system still exist today?
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The priestly class of Indian society was?

The Indian caste system was divided into five different classes (varnas): Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaishyas, Shudras and Dalits (the "Untouchables", who were excluded from the caste system all together) The Brahmins were the priestly class that focused primarily on reading the religious scriptures (Vedas). Today the caste system is illegal in India, but those born into the Brahmin caste are still venerated and given privileges.

When did India end the caste system?

The Caste System in India did not end. It is still in place.

Is caste system still continuing in Indian society if continuing then what are the effects of it?

If caste system goes on , what is the problem caste system is not wroing untouchability is wrong

Why has religious bias in India against untouchables still exist?

People tend to cling to their religious beliefs, and the caste system is a long established part of Hinduism. It is also true that people of high caste are usually quite happy to benefit from the caste system, at the expense of people of lower caste. It is very similar to the aristocratic system which once dominated European society. Those who benefit from the system, fight to perpetuate it.

Is India still use caste system?

Yes! India still uses a cast system

When did the caste system in India end?

People are metured enough to feel the caste system is nothing important day to day life. But the problem is with politicians, they can not survive with out caste, religion and religious system.

Do the Indians still use the caste system?

No , They don't

Do the Hindu's still follow the caste system?


Is the caste system still in India?

yes, yes it is

When was the caste system banned in India?

caste system was never banned in India ,it is still there in IndiaCaste membership determined a person's ocupation

Is there equality and justice in our society?

There is still Caste System (social classes) in India and it puts differences between the people.

Does the caste system still exists?

Unfortunately, It still exists. Its like a crippling disease for India.