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Reparations .

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Q: Harsh terms used in the treaties ending world war 2 are explained by?
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Did the ending of World War I create the basis for World War 2?

The Treaty of Versailles ending WW 1 had harsh terms for Germany. So harsh that it caused much resentment towards the victorious allies. Many historians say the seeds of WW 2 were sown by the ending of WW 1 and the Treaty of Versailles. Hitler used part of this discontent to gain power.

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What was one of the terms of the armistice that ended world war?

world war1 treaties

What branch of government negotiates treaties?

The executive (the President) negotiates the terms of treaties. The Senate must approve them as a condition of their ratification.

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Why were German people not prepared to accept the harsh peace terms of the Versailles treaty?

The terms of peace laid out by the Versailles Treaty were actually plans to decimate the German military and economy.

Which allied nation attended the peace conference in Paris?

After both World Wars, Paris Peace conferences were held to create treaties, ending the war. The treaties created new borders and made financial arrangements to repay the cost of the war to the victors. After WWI, Russia and Germany were not invited. The terms placed on Germany after WWI have been considered by some as leading to the second world war.

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What is person who handles foreign affairs and negotiates treaties with foreign countries called?

In general terms a professional who does this is called a "diplomat".

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