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See link below on the development of the United Nations in 1945 after the war.

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Q: How World War 2 inflenced the purpose of the united nation?
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What was the nation's purpose of the United Nations?

Really it was to prevent another World War from happening and to prevent the damage from the last 2 World Wars

How do you think world war 2 influenced the purpose of the united nations how did this affect its structure?

WW2 did not affect the UN. The United Nation was created just after (and because of ) the war.

Can you give examples of slogan about united nation?

united nation

What is the purpose of a united union?

The purpose of the United Nations was to keep other countries in check. After World War II Franklin D. Roosevelt felt that there should be a standing authority that presides over the western nations so that one nation does not do what Germany tried to accomplish; world domination.

What is one of the purpose of the US?

To be the best nation in the world.

What is the theme for 2011 United Nation in the world?

"The United Nations: Solutions for a prosperous world"

Importance Of UNO?

Today people of the world still face the two major issues of peace and development .The united nation ,effort shouldbe made to uphold purpose and principles of the charter of united nations

The world's largest international and a successor to the league of nation is?

UNO(united nation of organisation)

How did the change in trade affect the US' economic standing?

the united states became the largest creditor nation in the world

Which nation was the world economic leader after world war 1?

United States

When did the United Nation come into operation?

After World War 2

How many united nation member countries are there in the world?