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Shackleton and his team attempted to reach the South Pole, and turned back at 88 degrees S, due to their instincts to survive.

The Nimrod expedition (1907-1909) established a goal of 'reaching the pole', which was taken up by Roald Amundsen and Captain Robert F Scott in the upcoming years.

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Q: How did Ernest Shackleton's trip to the South Pole change history?
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How many people were on Shackletons expedition?

When Shackleton came back from South Georgia Island to his crew on Elephant Island, there were 22.

What are the reasons for Ernest Shackleton's exploration?

Ernest Shackleton's exploration was driven by a desire to be the first to reach the South Pole, to further scientific knowledge of Antarctica, and to enhance his reputation and secure his place in history as an explorer.

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Where did Shackletons ship the Endurance leave from?

The Endurance left London, England on the evening of declaration of WW1, August 1,1914. On December 5 ,1914 they departed Grytviken, South Georgia heading for Antarctica.

When did ernest shackleton reach the south pole?

Ernest Shackleton did not reach the South Pole. He led an expedition to Antarctica, known as the Nimrod Expedition, in 1907-1909, but fell short of reaching the South Pole.

What are Ernest Shackleton most famous achievements?

He got to the south pole.