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Q: How did Lord de la Warr affect Jamestown?
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Was Lord De La Warr in Jamestown?


Who is lord de lawarr governor of?

Lord De La Warr was governor of Jamestown in 1610.

How did the lord de la warr change Jamestown?

people love him that why

How did lord de la warr save Jamestown from total extinction?

because you sock tu apestas come popo

Why did they name Delware Delware?

It was after Baron or Lord De La Warr, who was a resident of Jamestown in the early 17th Century. After the colony was settled, many pioneers went up North. Lord De La Warr was one, and he founded the English colony of Delaware.

When Lord De La Warr took control of Jamestown in 1610 what did he do?

E. imposed a harsh military regime on the colony of Jamestown.

Who was the govenor of Jamestown?

thomas les de la warr

How did Lord De La Warr stop starvation at Jamestown?

he told them it was ok that they didnt know how to work and then hugged each one of them and said its ok

How did Lord de la Warr come up with the name Delaware?

the real name was Baron De La Warr

How did Lord De La Warr treat the Native Americans?

Lord De La Warr treated the Native Americans very brutally and used Irish tactics.

What state was named after Lord de la Warr?


What was Lord De La Warr known for?

the starving times