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Q: How did WW2 affect the different parts of the world?
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How did World War 1 and World War 2 affect the world?

WW2 prevented the total conquer of the Nazis over the world.

Did the Holocaust affect Sweden during World War 2?

Sweden was neutral in WW2.

Germany was divided into how many parts after World War 2?

Germany was divided into 4 different parts after WW2. There was the British Zone, Soviet Zone, French Zone, and American Zone.

How did world war two affect labor unions?

The people of WW2 were Pro-labor Labor Unions thrived

How did the manhatten project affect World War 2?

it produced the atomic bomb which was dropped on Japan which ended WW2

How did world war 2 affect us politics?

Really not much happened to affect politics but the U.S. socially, technologically, and econmically was affected during ww2

Was World War 2 in summer?

WW2 lasted from September 1939 to August 1945. All seasons were included in many, many parts of the world.

What season was World War 2 in?

WW2 lasted from September 1939 to August 1945 in all seasons in many, many parts of the world.

How do you think world war 2 influenced the purpose of the united nations how did this affect its structure?

WW2 did not affect the UN. The United Nation was created just after (and because of ) the war.

What did women in the US do during world war 2?

what are 4 different ways women served in the US during ww2

Why it was named World War 2?

Because it involved so many countries in so many parts of the world. WW1 was 1914 to 1918. WW2 1939 to 1945

How did WW2 affect Hitler?

It made him kill himself !! :/