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Q: How did World War 2 affect European colonial powers like Great Britain?
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What countries would be considered European colonial powers?

Britain, Holland, France, Belgium and Germany are all examples of colonial powers.

What was the Berlin conferences of 1884?

The Berlin Conference was a meeting of European colonial powers (chiefly Britain, France, and Germany) to negotiate the division of colonial territories within the Congo and Niger regions of Africa.

Is it fair to blame the European colonial powers for the violence in Africa after they withdrew?

Africa experienced violence before, during and after European colonial powers ruled. So, no.

How did European powers responded to great Britain's seizure of the Suez canal by?

Rushing to secure colonial territories of their own throughout Africa ( Apex 2021)

Are Great Britain and France European powers?

Yes, they are.

Which two colonial powers were principally involved in West Africa?

The United Kingdom and France were the primary colonial powers in Africa south fo the Sahara. Belgium also had a substantial footprint there with its holdings in the Congo.

What are three major colonial powers?

There are a variety of major colonial powers. These include Britain, France, Spain, the Netherlands, Portugal, as well as Germany.

What European powers had colonies in the New World?

france and great britain.

When did most African countries gain their independence from European colonial powers?

after WWII

What were the three dominant European powers before World War 1?

The European great powers were: * Britain * France * Germany * Russia * Austria-Hungary

Which European powers was not a colonial power?

Of the most powerful nations in Europe today, Germany did not have any colonial possessions in Southeast Asia

Which two European powers controlled the most African territories?

European colonization of Africa was motivated by economic gain, as well as political and social influence. The main colonial powers in Africa around 1900 were Britain, France, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, and Italy.