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different ways it started, better weapons and WWII ended with the first dropping of the atomic bomb.

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Q: How did World War 2 differ from World War 1?
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How did the cause of World War 2 differ from the causes of world war 1?

I Really dont know

How did the end of World War 1 differ from the end of World War 2?

WW1 ended in an Armistice (truce) WW2 ended with unconditional surrender

How does the current war in Afghanistan differ from World War 2?

World War II is the deadliest war in history.

How did the start of world war 2 differ from the start of world war 1?

on the 1st September 1939 Germany invaded Poland Britain declared war 2 days later on the 3rd September 1939

How did World War 1 differ from World War 2 from an Australian point of view?

I think the main difference is that in WWI, Australia was hardly attacked, but in WWII, there were under attack by the Japanese

How did they do World War 1 and World War 2?

In world war 1,germany started the war,but in world war 2,japan started it and usa ended the war

Was it World War 1 or World War 2 that had to do with Nazis and Germany?

World War 2

Who were the 2 allies of US ofthe wars war world 1 and war world 2?

World War 1: The UK, and Japan. World War 2: The UK, and Russia.

Was hitlar in World War 1 or 2?

World war 2

What was the attitudes to war in World War 1 and World War 2?

Worl war 2

Which world war did WE lose the most men world war 1 or 2?

world war 2

How did world war 2 differ in fighting form World War 1?

World War I was basically a ground war. So only guns and grenades were used. But in World War II, they had better technology, which meant that they had airplanes. With better technology in WWII, it caused more destruction and had less face-to-face combat.