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Work to rule is the most effective resistance to "the man".
Work to rule is a process where the worker does exactly what he is told to do, no more no less. Instructions are never are complete enough to do a task properly so tasks can be done wrong enough to be useless. At the same time the worker can say that he did just what he was told to do so no punishment is merited.

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African Americans like Frederick Douglass and Sojourner Truth would combat slavery with their bravery. These individuals stuck up for what they knew was right.

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Q: How did african americans like frederick douglass and sojourner truth combat slavery?
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Who encouraged African Americans to escape race-based discrimination in the US by moving to Africa?

Frederick Douglass

What African Americans abolitionist edited an antislavery newspaper called the north star?

Frederick Douglass

Was Frederick Douglass supported by people?

Yes he was alot of African Americans

How did Frederick Douglass believe that military service would help African Americans?

the answer

Frederick Douglass believed that serving in the military would help African Americans overcome?


What did Frederick Douglass do after the war?

he keep fighting for African Americans rights lol <3

Did Frederick Douglass accomplish what most slave accomplish in their lifetime?

He accomplish to free African Americans from slavery in the south.

Who published the north star an abolitionist paper?

The North Star was an abolitionist newspaper founded by Frederick Douglass in 1847. Douglass was a prominent African American abolitionist and social reformer who used the paper to advocate for the abolition of slavery and the advancement of civil rights for African Americans.

How Frederick Douglass become famous?

He was famous for his speeches, and his determination to help African Americans rights, and women's rights.

What did Frederick?

Frederick Douglass was a soldier in the Civil War. Frederick Douglass was an African American solider fighting to free his people.

Was Frederick Douglass African-American?

Yes, he was.

Why did Frederick Douglass stand up for African Americans?

He stood up for them because he knew how they felt and because he was against slavery.