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Q: How did alliance contribute to ww1?
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What were the two main alliances of ww1?

The Triple Alliance: Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy The Triple-Entente: Great Britain, France, and Russia

Would World War 1 have happened without the murder of franz ferdinad?

Yes, WW1 would have occurred even if the Austo-Hungarian Archduke was not killed. The assassination was just a short term cause to the WW1's beginning but if you look at the long term causes, Militarism, Alliances, Imperialism and Nationalism then you would understand that WW1 would have started anyways. The European nations were searching for an excuse to start war and what made it even bigger and more terrible was the alliance system. The alliance system was created to avoid war but in truth it lead to it. One way or an another world war one was going to happen anyways.

Why did the alliance system draw more countries to WW1?

Think about it... if your ally is at war with someone, you, unfortunately, have an obligation to help. This is exactly what happened with WWI. Because many nations were allied with one another, they got sucked into the war as well.

What did the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria do to cause world war 1?

the assassination of archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria caused different countries to to alliance with one and another so that if there was a war they would help each other, to protect the royals in the country. the more countries that joined each alliance began people to begin fighting for each country and this was when the out break of ww1 started.

What were long term factors of WW1?

MIlitarism - building of weapons and armies Alliance - triple entente(France, England and russia) and the triple alliance(Germany, Italy and austria - Hungary.) Imperialism - desire to build over-seas countries. England had a colony and Germany and Italy wanted one. Nationalism - desire for a country to be superior to others. this does not ansewer my qustion people what am i suposed to do now good