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Q: How did hernan Cortes affect the new world?
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What year did Cortes arrive in the New world?

Hernan Cortes was a Spanish Conquistador that brought about the fall of the Aztec Empire. Cortes arrived in the New World to conduct his exploration in 1506.

What were Hernando Cortes goals?

Hernan Cortes' goals were to find gold and claim land for Spain.

What motavated hernan Cortes?

Hernan Cortes was motivated by the quest for wealth, power, and glory. He sought to increase his social status and riches by leading conquests in the Americas. Cortes also had ambitions to expand the Spanish Empire and spread Christianity in the New World.

Did Hernan Cortes establish a new settlement?


What was Hernando Cortes interests?

Hernan Cortes motive for exploration was to find riches.

Why did Hernan Cortes sail?

to fine new lands to conquer

What resources did hernan Cortes find?

He took an astrolabe,food,fresh water,map,and navigating tools. :)

Which explorer established New Spain in what is now Mexico?

Hernan Cortes

What did hernan Cortes subdued?

Hernan Cortes -also known as Hernando Cortes- subdued the Aztecs, destroyed Tenochtitlan, built Mexico City, and claimed Mexico for the Spanish colony of New Spain. Hope I helped..

What was the reason for Hernan Cortes?

Hernan Cortes led the Spanish conquest of the Aztec Empire in the early 16th century in search of wealth, power, and prestige. He aimed to expand Spanish territory, spread Christianity, and gain control of the valuable resources of the New World.

What was hernan Cortes influences?

Hernan Cortes was influenced by factors such as the desire for wealth and glory, the zeal to spread Christianity, and the opportunity to expand the Spanish empire. Additionally, the accounts of previous Spanish explorers in the New World and the support from Spanish authorities played a significant role in shaping Cortes's actions and decisions during his conquest of the Aztec Empire.

Why was hernan Cortes looking for gold?

Hernan Cortes was searching for gold in the Americas because the Spanish conquistadors were motivated by wealth and power. The Spanish crown had sponsored expeditions to find and extract gold from the New World to fund its empire-building endeavors. Cortes saw wealth as a way to gain favor with the monarchy and increase his own social status.