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how did indentured servants come to the new world

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Q: How did indentured servants arrive in the new world?
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Did new England have indentured servants or slaves?

New England had indentured servants

What was the first source of labor in the New World?

Indentured servants, and then slaves.

How did many poor people get to the New World?

By becoming indentured servants

What groups of people did the Europeans force to work as slaves in the New World their indentured servants from the Old World?

Europeans forced those bought through the slave trade in Africa to work as indentured servants.

What type of servant agreed to work in exchange for passage to the new world?

most of the colonial was servants.

Where there indentured servants in Massachusetts?

Yes, there were indentured servants in Massachusetts during the colonial period. Indentured servants were individuals who worked for a specified period in exchange for passage to the New World and room and board. They were commonly employed in various labor-intensive tasks such as farming and domestic work.

How were indentured servants different then slaves?

Indentured servants were free white people who were working off Passage to the new world. Slave were people who were owned by another person and were considered property and not human.

How many indentured servants did colonial New York have?

New York had indentured servants and slaves.

What roles did indentured servants play in the building of the colonies?

Indentured servants usually did household works in New Hampshire.

Did New Hampshire have indentured servants?

Yes! They had lots and lots of indentured servants.

Did North Carolina have indentured servants?

Yes, North Carolina did have indentured servants during its early colonial period. Indentured servants were individuals who contracted to work for a specified period in exchange for passage to the New World or other benefits. They played a significant role in the labor force of North Carolina's emerging economy.

What continent did indentured servants come from?

Indentured servants came from various continents, including Europe, Africa, and Asia. They were typically individuals who agreed to work for a set period in exchange for passage to a new world or for other opportunities.