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People who lived in towns could start to raise their own food

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Q: How did new farming methods contribute to the growth of medieval European towns?
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how did european population growth contribute to better farming methods and new technology?

population is usually determined by a process called census

What farming methods were used in medieval japan?

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An important result of the missions established throughout Latin America by the Spanish was?

the spread of both Christianity and European farming methods.

What are the modern farming methods?

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Peasants on a typical medieval manor lacked incentives to use new farming methods to produce a surplus of crops because?

The production of crops during the Middle Ages was very simple due to the fact that the climate and soil of Western Europe made it difficult to introduce new methods. And, the peasants did not have the resources to utilize new farming methods.

What are the different farming methods in the Philippines?

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What are two types of agricultural methods in US?

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What are two ways that modern farming methods are different from traditional farming methods?

Modern farming methods are different from traditional farming methods in the chemicals they use to help control weeds. Traditional methods dictate that crops had to be hoed to control weeds. Nutrients are also being placed in soil to replace those lost over the winter. Composting was a traditional method of restoring chemical balance to the soil.

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