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it helped by bring together the americans to detest the british together and for them to get a reason to come together

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Q: How did the British attempt to reform the American empire contribute to the growth of the revolutionary movement?
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Who opposed the revolutionary movement?

The British opposed the American revolutionary movement

Was Felix holbrook a loyalist?

Yes, Felix Holbrook was a loyalist during the American Revolutionary War. He supported the British monarchy and opposed the American independence movement.

What effect of the french and Indian war was responsible for the American revolutionary war?

The reasoning of the king was that the British troops protected the colonies and they should contribute to the cost of the war.

What countries fought the revolutionary war on American soil?

british and American

What role did the Georgia colony play in the revolutionary war?

By getting involved with the revolutionary movement, and by going against the British!

Who was winning in the beginning of the American Revolutionary War?

The British

Why were some American opposed to constitution?

because they had american revolutionary of the war is British.

What did the british wear?

During the American Revolutionary War, the British wore red uniforms.

Why did the American Revolutionary War occur?

For independence from British rule.

Who lost at Yorktown during American Revolutionary War?


What were Regulars during the American Revolution?

Regulars were British soldiers in the American Revolutionary War.

Who was the Native American chief that served as a British army officer during the Revolutionary War?

Joseph Brant was the Native American chief that served as a British army officer during the Revolutionary War.