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Q: How did the Europeans acquire slaves for their colonies in the Americas?
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Who settled in the Americas first africans or Europeans?

Europeans, after columbuses discovery. europeans then (in late 1600s) introduced the africans into the Americas as slaves

Why did Europeans bring people from Africa to the Americas?

to be their slaves

Where did the Europeans go to get slaves to take to the Americas?


Why did Europeans import Africans to the Americas?

Initially slaves were brought to the Americas to work the sugarcane fields

Why did Europeans import enslaved Africans to the Americas?

Initially slaves were brought to the Americas to work the sugarcane fields

Why did the Europeans need more slaves in the 1500s and 1600s?

The europeans wanted to make more money out of the americas.

Which was NOT a reason the Europeans began importing slaves to their colonies?

Europeans imported slaves to America to work the fields. They did not bring slaves over to give them freedom in the New World.

What idea did the most encourage Europeans to look for African colonies?

The slave trade was the reason most Europeans started to look for African colonies. Europeans made a lot of money from selling slaves.

How did the british organize the shipment of slaves to the Americas?

In Britain, the chartered Royal African Company was granted a monopoly over the shipment of slaves to colonies in the Americas.

Why did Europeans take Africans to the colonies of the new world?

Because other Africans sold them to the Europeans as slaves and the new world colonies needed workers.

Why did the Portuguese and Europeans want Slaves?

Portuguese and Europeans wanted slaves to work in their colonies, primarily in the Americas, because they needed labor for crops like sugar, tobacco, and cotton. Slaves were seen as a cheap and plentiful source of labor that could be exploited for economic gain. Additionally, the transatlantic slave trade became a profitable industry for European slave traders.

Why did Europeans bring African slaves to the Americas?

The Europeans needed people to work on plantations or in mines.Slaves mostly from West Africa were used by the Spanish and Portuguese in their American colonies especially in agriculture such as cultivating sugar, but also in constrution of important buildings and public works.