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To pribent the Germans

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The US federal government helped stimulate substantial economy growth during WW1 by taking a neutral standpoint and supplying the warring nations with resources. The US was however eventually drawn into the conflict, leading to economic decline.

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the government regulated the production of war goods

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Because it was being fought in Europe and not here plus we didn't want to get involved with something we didn't want to be apart of.

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They made food rationing and price control
The World War I purchases did create a booming economy, but the Allies were limited by their ability to pay for purchases.

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To pribent the Germans

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Q: How did the US government get involved in World War 1?
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What best describes the international situation in the decades just prior to both world war 1 and world war 2?

The Us was reluctant to become actively involved in European political affairs

The US tried to avoid involvement in world war 1 by following a policy of what?

When World War One developed, the US followed a policy of neutrality towards the nations involved in that conflict. In 1917, however, the German announcement that it would resume unrestricted submarine warfare pushed the US into the war against Germany and her allies.

Wilson's statement reflect the position of the US Government at the outbreak of World War 1 in Europe?

Wilson's statement reflected the position that the US should remain neutral during the beginning of World War 1. This statement reflected what the US people were thinking and feeling too.

Why did the US become involved in a European war?

As Allies of Uk and France the US went to war in Euope when Germany declared war on US on Dec 10, 1941

Compare the expansion of government power during World War I and World War 2?

This question does not indicate which government, nation or type of expansion. In Europe during World War 2 monarchies ruled the nations and there were no expansions. They had to give up their monarchies after World War 1. This allowed nationalism and democracy to begin in Europe. When Hitler came into power he changed Germany's rule to a dictatorship. Then after World War 2 Germany was able to return to democratic type government. In the US the only type of expansion was the United Nations being established in New York City.

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When did the US government get involved in World War 2?

The USA entered the war on December 7th 1941 with the bombing of Pearl harbour in Hawaii.

Why did the US refuse to get involved in World War 2?

The u.s. DID get involved.

When was the US involved in world war 1?


Was US involved in World War 2?

yes they were

Did the US get involved in Ukraine after World War 2?


Was us involved with world war 2?


What was the first was the us was involved in?

World War 2

How many us soldiers were involved in world war 1?

There were 116,000 US casualties. 4,744,000 were involved.

Why didnt the US get involved in world war 2?

The US contributed some 16 million personnel to the Second World War. I'd say that would indicate they did get involved.

When did the US get involved with World War 2?

The United States became involved in the World War II about March 1941.

In World War 1 why the us get not involved?

They didnt want to start a war

Is australia or us more involved in World War 2?

the US by FAR.