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The cold war did not spark the great war

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Q: How did the cold war spark the Great War?
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What came first Great Depression cold war Vietnam war civil rights movement?

great depression civil rights movement cold war vietnam war

Did the cold war happen before the Great Depression?

No, first came the Great Depression, then WW2, and finally the Cold War(1947-1991).

What is the exact timeline of the Cold War?

The exact timeline of the Cold War is from 1921 to about 1930. The Cold War lasted to the beginning of the Great Depression which began in the 1930's.

Why is the Russian georgian conflict called the cold war?

First it isn't called the cold war. The Cold war was the political conflict between the USSR and the US. At the end of the war the USSR broke up. Georgia and Russia were two of the new countries formed. People are afraid that the conflict could spark a second cold war

What is the difference between a Cold War Hot war?

a cold war does not use actual combat and a hot war does use combata hot wars witness bloodshed and loss of life to a great extent and a cold war refers to economic, political, and military rivaplry

How did the cold war affect the cold war front?

There was no "front" in the Cold War.

Are Polands in the Cold war?

polands are not in the cold war

Korean War was considered to be a cold war event because?

The Korean war was the first hot war in the cold war.

Why was the cold war quiet?

Because it was a cold war (no war).

What was the basis of peace in the cold war?

Peace of the Cold War was from a settlement. The Cold War was a long and hard war.

Which branch of government gained power as a result of the Great Depression World War 2 and the Cold War?


What was the Spark on the American Civil War?

Yo momma was the spark in the American civil war