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The toaster changed the world by giving people warm, crunchy bread !

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Q: How did the first toaster change the world?
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Where was the first toaster sold?

the first toaster was sold at a mechanic plant in Stillwater.

What was the first toaster?

the first toaster(your mom)was invented in (your mom) and is seeable in Washington (your mom) d.c.

What is the change of energy in a toaster?

The change in energy in a toaster is usually in the form of electrical energy being converted to heat energy by the heating elements inside the toaster. This heat energy is then used to toast the bread or other foods placed inside the toaster.

Who invented the household appliance we call a toaster?

the first toaster was made by my teachers great great great great grandpa

How has the toaster change over the years?

Yes it has

When was the first toaster made and by who?

the first toaster was made in 1300 B.C by a villager by the name of De shoklet in England

What word has a short vowel in first syllable trial or toaster?

The word "toaster" has a short vowel in the first syllable.

Is a candle more of a chemical change then toast in a toaster?

It is a chemical change.

Cost of first electric toaster?

(One Hug. :)) this is not a correct answer - the first electric toaster was invented in the early 1900's.

How does a toaster change energy?

It turns electricity into heat.

When did Charles p strite invent the toaster?

Charles Strite was with his wife one day shopping and the saw a toaster. It wasn't a toaster like you and I are used to, it was a toaster where you had to flip the bread by hand. His wife said " Wouldn't it be easier to have the bread turned automatically?" This lead Charles to make the Automatic toaster. Charles made an improvement to the automatic toaster by creating the first ever electric pop-up toaster.

Did they have toaster's in the 1900s?

Yes. The first electric bread toaster was created by Maddy Kennedy in 1872.