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Pencils changed the world by allowing people all over the world to write and draw....Wikipedia is dumb i just changed this persons answer. so did i. it allso gave us a way to communicate with other people accross the world before the cpu

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Q: How did the invention of the pencil change the world?
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What is an invention that could change the world today?

the invention the could change the world would be the teleporter

What was the purpose of the pencil invention?

The purpose of the pencil invention is to write down letters to form words.

What invention did computers replace?

pencil and paper

How did Robert Goddard's invention affect or change your world?

not my world urs

When did the invention of the battery change the world?

it changed in 1798

How did matches change the world?

led to invention of candles

How did the invention of the electron change the world?

i dont know that is what google is for

How did david bushnells invention change the world around him?

it didn't

How did George Washington Carver invention change the world?

he was one of the greatest scientist in the world

How did bubblegum change the world?

Bubble gum did not change the world. It was just an invention of a type of gum that was not as sticky as other gum.

Which invention came first penn or pencil?

The invention of the pencil occurred first, dating back to the 16th century. The precursor to the modern pen, the quill pen, has been around for centuries before the development of the pencil.

What year was his invention the pencil sharpener invented?

1828, Google says