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Q: How did the motivations for the establishment of the Marshall Plan differ from the motivations for the establishment of the United Nations?
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Which of these was not a product of the Paris Peace Conference?

establishment of the United Nations

What describes the outcome of the Dumbarton Oaks Conference?

the establishment of the United Nations organization.

The establishment of the United Nations was a direct result of Cold War problems?


Meeting of western allies during World War 2 that established the economic structures to promote recovery and enhance fdr's version of an open world?

The Marshall Plan was presented in a meeting to the United Nations and Europe. The Marshall Plan provided assistance and loans to the desperate European nations.

What organization replaced the League of Nations?

United nations

What does the UN in the International body stands for?

United Nations

Why did the US devise the marshall plan which about 13 billion in grants and loans to nations in western Europe?

The United States devised the Marshall Plan to rebuild Europe after World War II. This was ti prevent the spread of Soviet Communism.

Why did the congress pass the Marshall plan?

To meet this emergency, Secretary of State George Marshall proposed in a speech at Harvard University on June 5, 1947, that European nations create a plan for their economic reconstruction and that the United States provide economic assistance.

Did Hitler have a positive impact on the world?

The only positive impacts I can think of are the massive leap forward in technology during the Third Reich, the establishment of the United Nations, and the establishment of Israel. Other than those unintended benefits, Hitler was a wicked maniacal monster.

How did the motivations for the establishment of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization differ from those for the establishment of the United Nations?

The United Nations (UN) was established as a way for nations to resolve differences and disputes through dialogue in a peaceful non-violent fashion.The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) was organized as a defense pact created during the Cold War to protect against military aggression form nations that are not members of NATO, especially the Soviet Union.The Warsaw Pact consisting of the Soviet Union and its seven Soviet satellite states in Central and Eastern Europe was a defense pact to counter the creation of NATO.

What is the united nations coalition?

United Nations coalitions are official and unofficial groups of member states of the United Nations which include Free United Nations Coalition for Access, and United Nations Anti-Terrorist Coalition.

Was the marshall plan a form of economic imperialism?

The Marshall plan was on an economic form of imperialism. It was a plan to provide economic assistance to the nations devastated by World War 2. It provided monies from a special fund in the United States. The money was to be paid back or was a gift. England paid the United States back in the 1990s I believe. See the link below for more information on the Marshall Plan.