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Instead of spending money on the government and improving things for the common good it was spent on Versailles. The king required vast gardens, fountains, and elaborate art throughout. He had is gardners change the flowers 4 times a day, wore gold cloth( he was the sun king) and had elaborate parties.

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Because they needed to have the French Revolution in order to decline!

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Q: How did vesailles contribute to France's decline after death of Louis XIV?
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Did King Louis XVI death contribute to the rise of democracy?


How did Louis XIV's weak leadership contribute to the growing crisis in France?

I don't know, I have problem too

How did Louis xiv contribute to history?

King Louis XIV contributed to history by achieving abosulte power and having a strong military, but more importantly it was his effect on history that is remembered. After his rule he left France in debt from from so many wars.

Why did King Louis XVI die?

King Louis xvi was accused of treason. He tried to flee his country to Austria, trying to regain his power after the "Storming of Bastille" and the "March on Versailles". His people found him and his family trying to escape and they were then then arrested and brought back to France. They made King Louis promise to change the laws. He agreed. But when the meeting was called to fix Frances financial crisis King Louis had vetoed every solution that was brought to him. The people of France then decided that he had no use to the country and he was sentenced to death. The "Guillotine".

How did the reign of Louis XV and Louis XVI contribute to the causes of the French revolution?

During the Seven Year's War France lost most of its overseas treasure to Great Britain. The resulting ecomnomic damage almost destroyed the monarchy. However, some of the economic was repaired in the 1760's by the minister, the duc de Choiseul but Louis XIV and Louis XV left his successor, Louis XVI, a debt of 4000 million livres when he died in 1774. In 1788 the French government went bankrupt. Louis XVI never could set the debt straight again and was eventually guillotined for it.

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How did louis 14 excess spending contribute to French Revolution over 80 years?

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