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Most common change to the Earths surface from internal forces would most likely be earthquakes and volcano eruptions. External forces could be considered meteor strikes, or possibly the effects of gravity on the oceans ( Tides ) Global warming is also melting glaciers and causing a growth in arid regions.


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Q: How do internal and external forces cause changes to Earths surface?
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Did the British Empire ever covered more than a quarter of the earth's surface?

It covered exactly 25% of the Earths surface.

Can you determine exact dates for the history of earths history by rock layers?


What is the earths diameter in km?

The diameter of the earth at the equator is 12,756 kilometers. The earth slightly bulges at the equator slightly elongating the distance.

How did the Guptas figured out the earth was round?

The Gupta Empire astronomers proved the earth was round by studying the moon during a lunar eclipse. They noticed that the earths shadow on the moon was round, meaning that the earth itself was round.

What does global warming have to do with history?

During the total history of the earth (over billions of years) there have been many changes to the climate. Most of these are reasonably well understood. For instance the sun becomes 10% brighter every million years. The atmosphere originally had a much higher concentration of CO2 than today which was fortunate because with a dimmer sun there would have been no liquid water without a major greenhouse effect. The development of plant life resulted in a reduction of CO2 and a build up of fossil fuels. We are now burning those fossil fuels which is increasing the greenhouse effect but we now have a much hotter sun, More recently there have been variations to the earths orbit and its orientation caused in part by the gravitational effects of Jupiter and Saturn. These minor variations caused major variations in earth's climate including the Ice Ages. This indicates that climate sensitivity is quite high, so that changes caused by increasing CO2 in the atmosphere are likely to be amplified rather than reduced as a result of feedback.

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How do internal forces of change effect earths surface differently from external forces of change?

Internal forces of change, like tectonic plate movement, can lead to large-scale changes on Earth's surface such as mountain formation, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions. In contrast, external forces of change, such as erosion by wind and water, shape the surface through processes like weathering and sediment transport. Both internal and external forces play complementary roles in shaping and transforming Earth's surface over time.

Is mount novarupta responsible for any of earths surface changes?

is mount novarupta responsible for any of earths surface changes

What are three internal and external physical forces that affect the earths surface?

Internal forces: tectonic plate movement, volcanic activity, and earthquakes. External forces: weathering, erosion by water/wind/ice, and impact events (e.g. meteorites).

What is a feature sculpted on earths surface by internal or external forces?

Mountains are a feature sculpted on Earth's surface by internal forces such as tectonic plate movements or external forces like erosion from wind and water. They are formed when the Earth's crust is pushed together or pulled apart, resulting in uplifted landforms with peaks and valleys.

What is featured sculpted on earths surface by internal or external forces?


What gradually changes earths surface?

an earthquake

How does the surface of the earth change when two continental plates collide?

The Earths surface changes shape when plates collide when the earths surface overlaps or when there are Earthquakes.

What are the gradual changes to the earths surface?

erosion glaciers and torndaoes

What best describes the earths surface?

all ofthe changes on earth surface occur slowly

Water from oceans and earths surface that changes to water vapor?


What can large ice sheets do to change the landscape of the earths surface?

changes the climate

How has earths surface changed since the beginning of earths time?

The continents have moved, Volcanoes and mountains have made hige changes in the earths suface too.