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Q: How does a lever impacted todays world?
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How has e-commerce impacted todays economy?

E-commerce has impacted today's economy by offering a more convenient way to do shopping

How has Buddhism impacted the Far East?

it has impacted the world by

The Great Depression impacted which country?

Well it impacted the whole world but the country that was mostly impacted would be the U.S.

How has tin impacted the world?

What is the importance of in todays world?

go boy................

What impact does Vietnamese culture have on Australia in todays society?

Vietnam has impacted on Australia by most of its' people migrating to here in the Vietnam war. my name is your name!!! Remember me!!!

What was a military job that impacted World War 2?

Nursing was very much impacted.

How has the internet and television impacted your world?

it has impacted my world by making me rest more as i dont have to rush to my tv if i watch it on my laptop later!

How did R and B impacted the world?

R and B Impacted The world by mixing different genres of music into one for African Americans.

How has Apple impacted the world?

Apple has impacted the world because they are the original of so many electronic devices such as the computer, the tablet, and the smartphone.

In todays world which is important individualism or interdependence?


What is the importance of nadankalakal in todays world?

go boy................