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The Huang River affects the people that lived near it because over time loess builds up in the river it forming dams, so that caused the river to change its course many times. But when the river suddenly changes course, farms and towns are destroyed. And the Huang river also has many horrible floods. So in a result they call the Huang river "the River of Sorrow".

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Q: How does the yellow river affect people?
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Why si the Yellow River called the Yellow River?

The yellow river is called the Yellow River because it's color is yellow and the Chinese people call it the Huang He / Hwang Ho which means the yellow river. Huang He / Hwang Ho actually means Queen river, but because of the murky yellow water it was nicked named Yellow River

How many people live on the yellow river?

More than 400 million people live in the Yellow River Basin.

Why are people engaging in the yellow river?


What was the name the Chinese people called Huang river?

the yellow river

Why is the yellow river call the yellow river?

The yellow river is called the yellow river

Who does yellow fever affect?

People and Monkeys

How does the river thames affect the people who live next to it?

It only affects people if the river floods.

How do people affect the river wear?


How did the yellow river get named yellow river?

The yellow river got its name because it has yellow clay in it.

Compare population before and after 1887 yellow river flood?

The 1887 Yellow River floods killed between 900,000 & 2,000,000 people.

What is the nickname of the yellow river in china?

The Yellow River in China or Huang He is referred to as China's Sorrow and Scourge of the Sons of Han. Although its basin was the birthplace of ancient Chinese civilization, frequent flooding and the elevation of the river bed has earned it these unflattering nicknames.

How did the Yellow River change China's history?

people took a pee in it and it was yellow stop being ignorant... it got it's name from the yellow silt that deposits at the bottom of the river