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12-13 mph

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Q: How fast could the SS Great Britain go?
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What does ss mean refering ss Great Britain?

The SS in 'SS Great Britain' stands for 'Steamship'.

Where is SS Great Britain today?

The SS Great Britain is in Bristol

How fast can the SS Great Britain go?

Between 10 and 11 knots - 12 to 13 mph.

What year did ss Great Britain lanched?

SS Great Britain was launched 19th July 1843.

How many people did the Ss Great Britain hold?

It could held 120 people

Did the ss great Britain get sold?

no the ss great Britain rubbish, it was fake, a myth, it sunk drunk people fAT

When were the 1st metal boats made and by whom?

SS Great Britain built by IK Brunel The SS Great Britain was a ship not a "boat"

Who was the captain of the SS Great Britain?

John Gray

SS what does it mean?

SS in nautical terms stands for steamshipSS Great Britain is a good example.

What does SS mean in SS Great Britain?

The SS stands for: Steam Ship

How many funnels did the SS great Britain have?

Only One

When was the SS Great Britain made?

The SS Great Britain was designed by Isambard Kingdom Brunel and launched in Bristol in 1843. She was the world's first iron hulled, steam powered ship.