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explain win main() function with its all argument.

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ye chen chen hai kon

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Q: How is Chen-Chen methodology used for object oriented design?
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Chen-Chen methodology used for object oriented design?

it is chen and chen so its simple.......

What is full form of abbrevation OOAD?

Object Oriented Analysis & Design

What has the author David A Taylor written?

David A. Taylor has written: 'Object-oriented technology' -- subject(s): Database design, Object-oriented databases, Development, Computer software 'Object-oriented information systems' -- subject(s): Management information systems, Object-oriented databases, System design

How the implementation and design of object oriented database system is differen from non object oriented database system?

DBMS Deesign implementation

What are the topics on object oriented analysis and design?

exam registeration

What is difference between Function Oriented Design and Obeject Oriented design?

In function oriented design a problem is thought in form of data and functions to manipulate those data. Both entities remain independent of each other. On the other hand in object oriented design a problem is thought in form of an encapsulated entity where both data and functions stay together in form of an object. Following link has a nice collection of articles of object oriented programming:

What has the author Stephen Gilbert written?

Stephen Gilbert has written: 'Object-oriented design in Java' -- subject(s): Java (Computer program language), Objektorientierte Programmierung, Java (Programmiersprache), CD-ROM, Systementwurf, Object-oriented programming (Computer science) 'Object-oriented design in Java' -- subject(s): Java (Computer program language), Object-oriented programming (Computer science)

Where can one find tips on object oriented design?

Object-oriented design is a way of programming software by planning a system of interacting objects. There are many discussion groups and forums on the internet where programmers exchange tips and experiences.

Why c is called proceedure oriented language?

Procedural oriented programmingProcedural Programming is a methodology for modelling the real world or the problem being solved, by determining the steps and the order of those steps that must be followed in order to reach a desired outcome or specific program state.What has it to do with the language CWhile most C code will be written with the procedural oriented programming methodology in mind, it's not mandatory. It's not that difficult to use the object oriented methodology within C. However, the language lends itself more to using the other methodology. Object oriented programming within C requires one more argument per function (and it's really more difficult when using inheritance).

What have been the strongest influences on programming language design over the past 50 years?

Object oriented analysis and design.

Is the object oriented programming in php useful?

Object orientation is not a concept related to usefull ness, it is a concept totally related to the software design. When we focused on software design we went for object orientation.

what are the Main application areas of OOPs ?

Today, just about every major software development methodology is based on objects. As a result, virtually all programming languages, scripting languages and application designs are object-oriented or object-based.Main application areas of OOP are:User interface design such as windows, menu.Real-Time SystemsSimulation and ModellingObject-oriented databasesAI and Expert SystemNeural Networks and parallel programmingDecision support and office automation systems etc.Mobile Application DevelopmentGame