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1941-1946 until soldiers came back from overseas.

prewar women employment 26%

wartime employment 36%

post war employment returned to 26%

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Q: How long did women work in factories in world war 2?
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What did women worked in?

When women started to work they worked in factories. They worked long hours for little pay.

Who was at home during World War 2?

Women who went to work in factories

What factories did women work during war world 1?

They weaved clothes

Why were single women hired to work in textile factories?

Single women were hired in textile factories in the 19th and early 20th centuries for several reasons. However, the main reasons were they were likely dexterous and able to work long hours.

How long did women have to work each day in factories in the 19th century?

67 and half hours

Did men and women work in factories in the 1900s?

Yes men and women worked in factories

Women in factories in World War 2?

women working in factories in ww2 did lots. the work in the factories because all the men were fighting and they needed somebody to make supplies of the men at war. the women made aircraft's, ammunition, weapons and over thing needed. it was essential for woman to work in the factories or the allied peoples victory would have lost.

Did any women die in the factories in World War 2?

A few but jobs were very safe place to work

What were the ranks of US women in World War 2?

riveters. they could work in factories, but were not permitted to serve in the military.

Why do women still work in factories?

Some women work in factories to make money. Women have fine motor skills which help them work efficiently. And women are paid less than men so there is more profit for the factory owner.

Did men work in the factories during the world war?

Not all men were qualified to serve in the military. Those exempt for reasons of health or age were still able to work in factories. Additionally many women also filled the many vacant positions in factories.

How did women help out world war 2?

Women helped out in World War 2 by working in factories and creating ammunition, aircrafts and boats. They would also work on the land and farm.