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Being muted in AQWorlds lasts about 5 minutes.

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Q: How long does being muted last in AQW?
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How long does being muted if someone report you aqw?

You get muted for maybe 1-7days depending on how you were reported or how many times.

What should you do if your character in AQW been muted?

Don't swear then.

How do you get the last two juggling swords in aqw?

The last one is inside the stone. This is pretty tricky though.

Where is the undead lich on aqw?

I don't know, but it ISN'T in the marsh like the last answer told.

What is the highest level you have in AQW?

The last answer is wrong they uploaded the games and the highest level is 45!

Does being a member on AQW cost money?

yes because i am a member and i have to pay

Where do you get the hashashian armor in aqw?

You go to yulgar and click on yulgar himslef and then click on suggestion shop and there you have it Hashashian armor. I will tell you a trick. If you do /wave while you have the armor on it will seem you are sticking up the middle finger. Lol and the best thing is that you won't get muted!

Can someone give me aqw acc guardian lvl 1-5 and I gave you my acc on aqw lvl 14?

Trading accounts is not allowed and will result in your accounts being disabled/ suspended and all your badges being removed.

What are the cheat codes for aqw?

Cheating will result in your account being disabled/ suspended and all your badges being removed.

Aqw how do you get on ptr?

By being a member, and accessing the private link. Link is found in one of the AQW wiki.

How do you be mod in aqw?

you can be a od in aqw if aqw or battleon games invite you

What are cheats on AQW?

Using cheats is considered hacking and will result in your account being banned.