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7& half yerars darllings

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Q: How long have the humans used wood?
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When was wood first used by humans?

As wood was already in use by our pre-human ancestors, wood has always been used by humans since we first evolved.

Can humans digest wood?

no. humans lack an enzyme to digest wood

When was wood used?

Wood has been used as long as men needed to build things, for many millions of years.

How long have humans used antibiotics?

a very long time.

Where is the main place humans get wood?

The source of wood is trees.

How long have humans used concrete?

2 days

What is the main reason that rainforest are being removed from the Earth?

Humans build things out of wood. Trees are wood. Humans cut down the rainforest to get more wood.

What we're the first tools used by humans?

Sharped edge stones and they were used for cutting threw animal hides and to cut through wood.

How much wood can humans eat?

Well humans can digest lots of wood but i suggest you shouldn't eat it i love you all

How long have humans used cats?

"used cats" cats arent drug!!

Did early humans use wood to make tools?

Yes, early humans did use wood to make tools. They would shape the wood by carving, cutting, and smoothing it to create functional tools for various purposes such as hunting, cooking, and building. Wood tools were essential for their survival and daily activities.

How made the long house?

they used wood materials and leaves and twigs