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Usually until death. A few were rescued by benefactors.

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Q: How long they work in the workhouse?
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Why did workhouse inmates work in a workhouse?

cause im class

How many hours did workhouse inmate work?

Workhouse inmates typically worked long hours, usually around 10-12 hours per day, with little breaks or rest. The work was often physically demanding and monotonous, contributing to the harsh conditions they endured.

What did poor Victorian children do in there spare?

work in a workhouse's

How did people escape the workhouse?

Nobody would try to escape from the workhouse they could leave whenever they wanted as long as they gave 24 hour notice.

How did you get out of the Victorian workhouse?

they would have to sneak out of work and climb out the windows p.s watched it at school

In Victorian times in louth was there a workhouse was there more than one?

There were 3 work houses in louth.

What is a work house?

A workhouse refers to factory in the Victorian era that is known for its poor working conditions. Those working in the factory were the inspiration behind the movement towards unionization.

What does a master of a work house do Victorian?

the master of the workhouse sorts everything out like the head master for example!

What did Victorian workhouse children have to work as?

The answer is the children use to wash the floor iron the masters and matrons clothes

When was Holywell Workhouse Chapel created?

Holywell Workhouse Chapel was created in 1884.

When was Cleveland Street Workhouse created?

Cleveland Street Workhouse was created in 1778.

What were they paid at the workhouse?

The Work house boys got around 6 coins when they worked a 15 hour shift.