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Q: How many blows did they hit Thomas Becket with?
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Why archbishop Thomas Beckett murdered?

Archbishop of Canterbury, Thomas Becket, was murdered on the 29th December, 1170. Henry II had supposedly lost his temper and yelled something along the lines of "who will rid me of this troublesome priest" (the exact words were lost in history). Four knights overheard this and 'misunderstood', so, they then went to Canterbury Cathedral and killed him. It was on the 3rd blow from the sword that he fell, and on the 4th they lopped of his head and his 'brains spilled out' (nasty stuff, isn't it?) according to Edward Grim, best friend and clerk. Grim also got hurt in the attack, when one of the knights hit Becket the second time, it missed and hit Grim in the shoulder. As far as I know (I've done a bit of research) not a lot is known about the funeral. Hope this helps!

Why did Thomas Becket die and why?

Henry, who was in Normandy at the time was furious with Thomas and supposedly shouted out: "Will no one rid me of this turbulent priest?" Four of Henry's knights, Hugh de Morville, William de Tracy, Reginald Fitz Urse, and Richard Ie Bret, who heard Henry's angry outburst decided to travel to England to see Becket when they got to England they found Thomas in the cathedral there they tried to force him outside to kill him when they refused the Knights struck him with there swords until he died. thomas took four hits to kill and on the third hit the knight'd sword broke, that was how hard he was hit.

Why was the king to blame for thomas beckets murder?

The king was to blame for Thomas Becket's murder because he told the knights to kill Thomas but the knights didn't had to do what he said but they did and hit Thomas in the head and killed him. Also Thomas told the monks to leave the door open so the monks did. Also the king shouldn't have wanted to kill him anyway and the Knights had to obey the kings orders

What are facts surrounding beckets life and death?

Becket was murdered by 4 of King Henry the 2nds knights inside Canterbury Cathedral. Apparently Becket and Henry were close friends but when King Henry the 2nd yelled out "Will no one rid me of turbulent priest?" he was overheard by 4 of his knights. These knights then travelled to where Becket was and struck him with swords four times. Becket did not fight back but on the third hit the sword was broken in half. On the fourth strike Becket died....

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