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Q: How many compasses are made in the world?
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What is the possessive form of the word Compasses?

The plural possessive for compasses is compasses'.

What are some items that made sailing easier?

Compasses, sextants, astrolabes, telescopes, and binoculars.

What is the possessive form of compasses?

The possessive form of compass is compass's.

What is the plural form of compasses?

Compasses is the plural form of compass.

Who makes jeep compass and where are they built?

Jeep Compasses are made by Chrysler at their Toledo Ohio plant

How did the discovery of magnetic north impact europeans ability to explore?

made it easier to know where they were using compasses

What has China given the world?

Fireworks, compasses, gunpowder and, contrary to popular belief, forks.You're welcome.THANK YOU xxx

Can compasses harm the environment?

Yes compasses can harm the environment if you lave it on the sheet .

What are compasses used for in Minecraft?

They are used to make maps and find the original spawnpoint.

How many webkinz were made in the world?

In the world about 116 webkinz where made

Where can one find more information about brass compasses?

There are a number of online websites where one can find information about brass compasses. Stanley London has an excellent selection of brass compasses for sale. Trade Mark London does repairs, maintenance and servicing for antique compasses. The Boreal Arrow has a wide selection of antique and vintage compasses available for purchase and provides some background history for each item.

Why people use compasses?

people uses compasses because it is a very good use of tool that tells you where to go when you are lost.