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Q: How many countries were effected by world war 1?
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Which countries were directly effected in world war 1?

Almost all countries that were directly a part of World War I. Some of the most notable countries are the United States, the United Kingdom, Russia, Germany and many others.

What countries where affected by world war 2?

Britain and Germany were effected because they were at war against each other.

How was the US effected after World War 2?

it became exceedingly rich as it had loaned out money to many countries and after the war had charged interest. also as first developers of the atomic bomb they became the superpower of the world

How was Hollywood effected by World War 2?

many hollywod directors began making world war two movies.

How did the dispersion of global economic activities lead to the US becoming a world power after world war 1?

other countries had to recover from the effects of the first World War and the US was hardly effected by it.

What nations declined econmically after World War 2?

he countries which was effected economically after the war was: France, Nazi Germany and the United Kingdom. Most all countries in Europe which contributed or was involved the war suffered economically.

What countries was effected by world war 2 the most?

Germany because it started crap with all countriesso all the targets were put on them.

What countries were effected by the German occupation?

During World War II, countries like France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, and Poland were affected by German occupation. These countries faced varying degrees of oppression, resistance, and collaboration with the occupying forces.

What country was manipulated by cold war?

Virtually all countries were effected or manipulated by the Cold War.

World War 1 The Effects Of War?

World War 1 effected the world in many ways. Communism rose in the Soviet Union, and Germany failed to follow the treaty of Versailles.

What war was German involved which effected most European countries?

Germany was involved in World War 2 and their was serious effects not only on most european countries but also in eastern USSR. So did WWI, for that matter.

How did Normandy war effected World War 2?

it marked the beginging of the end of world war 2.