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In total, there were 13,000 different exhibits in the Great Exhibition of 1851

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2010-06-30 21:09:05
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Q: How many exhibits were there in the great exhibition?
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Why was the Great Exibition called great?

The Great Exhibition was called "great" because it was large and had many exhibits from many parts of the world.

Why was the great exhibition called the crystal palace?

It wasn't. The building known as the Crystal Palace was built to house some of the exhibits of the Great Exhibition in 1851.

What is the real name of ekka?

Slang for "Exhibition" as many years ago it was all about exhibits etc...

What is a synonym for exhibits?

display, presentation, performance, show, exhibition

How did people get to the great exhibition?

they got to the great exhibition by train

What exhibits were in the great exhibition?

some inventions there are: The camera the fridge the freezer some engines a knife with 300 blades a water pump a train a model rail way a car

Which year was the great exhibition of London built in?

The Great Exhibition was opened on May 1st 1851 at Crystal Palace in Hyde Park by Queen Victoria and her husband Prince Albert. Among its exhibits were - The Koh-i-Noor diamond A folding piano An 80-blade knife A steam hammer Early bicycles

When was London's Great Exhibition held?

The Great Exhibition was held in 1851!!

How many people visited The Great Exhibition?

62 000 000

When did the gret exhibition open?

The Great Exhibition opened in 1851.

How do you name an exhibition in zoo tycoon 2 zookeeper collection?

You cannot name exhibits in Zoo Tycoon 2

What year did the Brisbane Exhibition start?

The first Brisbane Exhibition was held between 22 and 26 August 1876. In its early years, it was primarily made up of agricultural and industrial exhibits.

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