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Q: How many families lost their homes in 1932?
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Why After world war 2 many people moved from the cities to?

They moved to suburbs because new neighborhoods were built. Cars are responsible for suburban life. Before cars people lived in and around the city center. They could walk to downtown, shop, and go to government offices because they were living near them. With the invention of the car people didn't have to stay so near to downtown so they began to build further out. After the men came home from WW2 they wanted new homes for their young families away from the older rundown parts of town, so construction companies began to build vast neighborhoods for the families and because they didn't want to drive all the way to shop stores were built to sell to the new families. Schools were built and eventually malls were created with movie theaters, restaurants, and more stores. Today, some cities have gone back into the older sections, restored older homes and apartments, added outdoor cafes, and having events in downtown so the lost downtowns are becoming places to go and be seen.

What were Tudor homes like?

Rich Tudor homes were very fancy and boldly decorated with many different expensive items, while poor Tudor homes were often in the country where they would be built with stone and more than likely a thatched roof.

How did world war 1 effect Japanese Americans?

took homes. and many people.:)

How many room are there in a peasants home in ancient china?

One or two homes depending on the size

How many lives were lost after World War 1?

The total number of people killed was 9.7 million lives were lost.

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How many Haiti families have lost their homes?

It is estimated that over 30,000 families in Haiti have lost their homes due to the powerful earthquake that struck the country in August 2021. Many people are now displaced and in need of shelter, food, and other assistance.

How did American families live during the great depression?

many people died and lost their homes

How was haiti afeccted by the earthquake?

Homes were destroyed, people were homeless and many people died. Many people lost friends and families and lost everything.

How many people were lost in the Holocaust in 1932?

1932? The Holocaust hadn't started then.

What pressures did the American families experience during the Depression?

During the depression, many families did not have enough food or money. Most lost their homes, or were living in very poor living conditions. Some people died, as well.

How many lost there homes in world war 2?

i think 0ver 60,00000 people lost there homes

How many homes were lost when mtfuji erupted?

about 300,000 people lost their lives, but the determination of the exact # of lives and homes lost isn't determined.

How many people lost their jobs from 1929 to 1932?


How many farmers lost their farms in 1932?

over 3 millon

How many homes were damaged after Mount Etna erupted?

over 25,000 homes were damaged and lost !!

History of broken family?

In the 1950's, you did not hear of very many families being broken. Today, in 2014, there are many homes that have broken families.

Why did so many nebraska families build homes out of sod?

Because it was a good thing to do