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pharaoh Senusret l had no children

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Q: How many kids did senusret the 1st have?
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How many kids did senusret 1 have?

He had 5 kids. 1 son and 4 daughters.

How long did senusret III rule for in years?

senusret III was pharaoh for 39 years

Who was the pharaoh of Karnak?

Karnak was acually a temple that was created by many pharoahs.

How many kids did Charles the 1st have?


Who ruled in Karnak?

Senusret I

Who ruled before or after senusret?

on my d

What pharaoh built karnak?

senusret I

Why is Senusret the First so famous?

Who is that? ++>

Who is senusret?

Senusret 1 was the second Pharoah of the 12th Dynasty, who ruled from 1971BC - 1926BC. He ruled during the middle kingdom (2000-1800).

Who built karnak?

senusret I built karnak

What kingdom did senusret rule?

second kingdom

How do you pronounce senusret?

(se) nu (stret)