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Many queens had no children, and since a queen's sons would be the king's heirs, this could be a problem leading to a war.

Some queens had lots of children. Matilda of Flanders, who was the wife of William the Conqueror, had eleven children, two of whom were King William II and King Henry I.

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Medieval women might have had five children, on average, if they had children at all.

It completely varied between classes and jobs and even the women themselves . In theory, because of a more regular and better diet, the wealthier classes were more likely to have children because their periods would be more regular.

However, the male nobility often spent long periods of time away from their wives whereas the wives of the lower classes would often follow their men where they went for work, even to war. Therefore the lower classes had more time to do the deed.

All women were susceptable to childbed death i.e. childbed fever, hemorrhage, and the treatment between the classes did not vary too much. The mother could also be killed if it was decided that a caesarian was necessary to save the life of the baby if the mother was going to die.

However it vary hugely. Eleanor of Castle, Edward I of England's first wife, had 16 children but Catherine of Aragon only had 1 living child. There are few recorded figures for the lower classes but there are some cases of women having 15 healthy children.

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there were 10000 kings and queens in the middieval times

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Q: How many kings and queens where there in medieval times?
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