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It is not known exactly how many people Australian bushranger 'Mad' Dan Morgan killed. Among those he did kill were:

  • Round Hill Station overseer John McLean (June 1864)
  • Sergeant David Maginnity (June 1864)
  • Sergeant Smyth (September 1864)
  • A shepherd known only as Haley
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Q: How many people did Mad Dan Morgan kill?
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How many people did dan Morgan shoot?

4,i think.. well thats what melissa said :)

Was Mad Dan Morgan a hero?

No. 'Mad' Dan Morgan was a ruthless killer.

Was Mad Dan Morgan also known as Mad Dog Morgan?

No. He was only ever 'Mad' Dan Morgan.

Was Mad Dan Morgan mad?

'Mad' Dan Morgan was one of Australia's most ruthless bushrangers.

What type of crimes did dan morgan commit?

Dan Morgan lived in Australia during the mid 1800's and had many alias'. Dan committed several crimes. These crimes were murders, robbing banks and stage coaches.

Where did 'Mad' Dan Morgan live?

For many years in his adulthood, 'Mad' Dan Morgan was known to live near Lambing Flat (now Young) in New South Wales.

When did Dan Morgan - writer - die?

Dan Morgan - writer - died on 2011-11-04.

When was Dan Morgan - writer - born?

Dan Morgan - writer - was born on 1925-12-24.

Was Dan Morgan hung?

No. Bushranger 'Mad' Dan Morgan was killed in a shootout with police in April 1865.

Who were mad dan Morgan's parents?

Dan Morgan was the illegitimate son of Mary Owen and George Fuller.

What has the author Dan Morgan written?

Dan Morgan has written: 'Beginning windsurfing' -- subject(s): Windsurfing 'Guitar'

When did Mad Dan Morgan live?

'Mad' Dan Morgan was an Australian bushranger. It is unknown on which date, exactly, Dan Morgan was born, but it is believed that he was born around 1830. He was shot by police on 9 April 1865.