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Q: How many people thought for England during world war 2?
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What was happening in England during world war 1?

People were shooting at other people.

Did people drive cars in England during world war 2?


Did people like Mozart during his world child tour?

yes. they thought he was a prodigy,

How did people feel during the French Revolution?

they were horrified with the outcome they thought the world would end

What is the first region of the world to industrialize?

my thought: England

How many people in the world are thought to be starving?

1.2milloin people are thought to be starving world wide.

Who was the dictator of England during world war 2?

England didn't have a dictator.

What were the two points of tension between Spain and England during the age of exploration How did those conflicts affect the development of New World?

Because the Spanish wanted to go set food from but England thought it was unfair because they had a huge piece of land

Who are England's axis?

England's axis' during World War II were Germany, Italy and Japan.

What wa the goal during the holocaust?

Hitler's goal was to rid all the Jewish and all the people he thought was not worthy to live. He thought they were the cause to thee loss of World War 2 and the Economy's problems.

Who is side was England on during World War 2?

the allies

What was the capital of England during world war 1?

London has always been the capital of England. :D