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Depends what you call a Revolution. If it's a change of Constitution, there have been 23. If you mean a violent overthrow of the existing régime, then there were revolutions in 1789, 1792, 1795, 1799, 1805 (though the change from Consulate to Empire was bloodless), 1814, 1815, 1830, 1848 and 1870. I make that 9 or 10.

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Q: How many revolutions happened in france?
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The revolutions against tyranny in America and France were?

the start of many revolutions in Europe. Many citizens saw the successes of these two countries and decided to try it out themselves.

What revolutions abolished slavery?

france and haitian

Why do you believe France is at the forefront of the Revolutions?

But I do not believe that.

Why were France's enemies reluctant to introduce conscription during the revolutions in France?


What influenced revolutions in the Americas and France?

the Enlightenment movement

Where were revolutions taking place in the 18th century'?

Europe but started in France

Where were the revolutions taking place in the eighteen century?

Europe But started In France

What do France the US and Haiti have and common?

Their revolutions were inspired by the Enlighment.

What do France the unites states and haiti all have in common?

Their revolutions were all influenced by the Enlightenment

What do France the US and Haiti all have in common?

Answer this question… Their revolutions were all influenced by the Enlightenment.

Was a major cause of the 19th-century revolutions in Latin America?

For Apex, the answer is: The success of revolutions in the United States and France. hope it helped ;)

What countries were involved in the revolution of 1848?

In 1848 there were revolutions or attempted revolutions in many European countries, and in particular in: * France * The Kingdom of the Two Sicilies * Many other Italian states * Prussia and many of the German states * Austria, the Czech Lands, Croatia * Hungary