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They had a lot but i dont know how many!

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Q: How many rooms did a poor Victorian house have?
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How many rooms would a poor Romans house have?


How many rooms were in a poor greek person's house?

there where 6

What is the difference for a rich Victorian house and a poor Victorian house?

a poor persons house is shared by many families but a rich persons house is a huge building made for one big family and looks very posh

How many people lived in a poor Victorian house?

the answer is 264 and it depends how many peepz in one room!

How many rooms do Japanese houses have?

It depends which house you are in. And if you are in a Japanese house who's owned by poor people it might be little rooms, but if it is owned by rich people it might be bigger room/ rooms

Was a spinning top used by a rich Victorian or a poor Victorian?

yes it is used by rich and poor children from the Victorian times

What is the difference between poor and rich peoples houses in ancient Greece?

The poor house doesn't have some fancy rooms and the rich house has bathrooms , kitchen and lots of other stuff the poor Greeks don't have

What did the poor children eat in Victorian times?

The poor children in Victorian times did not have many types of food to eat. They mostly age stale bread, potato peelings, and scraps.

What did the poor people drink in Victorian times?

what did poor people eat and drink in the victorian era

What was a poor roman house like?

A poor roman house was called an insulae and was a simple flat or apartment with one or two rooms. It also had nothing in it except for a fireplace or maybe a mat to sleep on.

Why were there Victorian workhouses?

In a Victorian work house children, adults and elderly went to work in a workhouse if they were poor or badly ill. If they broke the rules then they would be put in a cage in a dark room, fined of even put into prison!

How many people lived in London during the Victorian period?

there were over 200 poor people.