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Q: How many types of long ships were there?
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How many types of ships are there?

some types of ships are: ferry cruise ship frigate destroyer aircraft carrier

Why does the military use ships?

The U.S. Navy has many different types of ships that each have certain roles. Some ships are: hospital ships, aircraft carriers, supply ships, destroyers, frigates, submarines, amphibious ships and hovercraft. There are many other types also.

How many pages does The Long Ships have?

The Long Ships has 603 pages.

How many different types of model ships are there?

There are literally thousands of types of model ships available. Every age, varieties, and brands of ships and boats exist as model ships for purchase online and in hobby stores.

What form of transportation did Germans use to get to get to the US?

They came in many different types of transportation(ships).

When was The Long Ships created?

The Long Ships was created in 1945.

What types of ship sail from or to dover?

Many thypes, from small private boats to large passenger ships.

How many Space Ships would it take to tell how tall Jupiter is?

Jupiters size was estimated long before space ships.

What were the ships the vikings used?

long ships

How long was viking ships?

Viking ships were 15 to 35 meters long.

Which two types of boat used in the past?

3-masted Schooners and Viking Long Boats (or any oar powered war ships)

What ships were owned by Ocean Steamship Company?

The Ocean Steamship Company owned many types of ships. Some of them were iron ships, wood schooners, iron steamers, wood brigantines, passenger liners and a wood?æbarquentine.?æ?æ