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Alot Over 500 gold pieces

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Q: How much did medieval stained glass cost?
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How much do stained glass windows cost?

The price of a custom stained glass window depends on the quality of materials, complexity of design and company offering window. They can cost anywhere from 150$ to 1,700$.

What is liked about stained glass windows?

Answer~Stained glass is like so much because of its vibrant colors and the way that it is transparent.

Why stained glass windows over clear glass windows?

Stained Glass Windows are much more of a sight to passers by, when walking past a church would you rather see coloured glass or clear glass? There's your answer.

Why is the art and architecture of medieval Italy so much different from that of the rest of Europe?

from following find correct one:- A. mosaic. B. stained glass windows. C. arches. D. fresco.

Why was stained glass important to religion?

Stained glass was incorporated in much of the architecture of churches during the Middle Ages, when they would depict well-known Bible stories. It became a trademark, in a sense, so much so that when someone sees stained glass, they would most likely think immediately of a church.

How much did it cost to rebuild a town in Medieval?

It cost heaps of money

Did they have glass cups in medievil times?

It depends who you mean by "they". Glass was not widely available during the Anglo-Saxon period, except for the most wealthy who had drinking vessels of green glass. Small bottles, beakers and other items were made of green glass through the medieval period, but it was always very expensive and out of the reach of most people - much of it was imported from the Middle East, Italy and other parts of Europe. By the late medieval period clear glass was being made, but it was still something too expensive for ordinary folk. Very little glass has survived for the medieval era, except in Church contexts where painted or stained glass was used frequently in windows. See links below for images:

How much did a pilgrimage cost in Medieval times?


How much does the Victorian glass cost?

Victorian glass costs a few hundred dollars. The cost really depends on the quality of the glass and how big the glass is. The bigger the glass the more it will cost.

How much does glass cost?


Why did churches use stain glass windows?

The purpose is not specifically recorded, and has been the subject of much commentary. In my opinion, the purpose was to light the church in a way that was primarily decorative. Rose windows had no pictures or words on them and were purely decorative. You will read that stained glass windows were a way of teaching the Bible to illiterate people, but if you go into a medieval church and look up at the windows, you will see that they pretty much all look alike, and can be distinguished best by the words that were painted and fired onto the glass. I have provided a link to an article on medieval stained glass below. You can look at the pictures there and decide for yourself whether the idea was more educational or more decorative.

How much did a sword cost in medieval times?

$5,698 dollars