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A penny was a silver coin, and a weaver who did not get food or lodging as part of the compensation might get 5 pence per day. A penny might buy one of the following:

  • a quart of cheap wine
  • a cup of good wine
  • a gallon of medium grade beer
  • a quarter of a pound to a pound of dried fruit or nuts
  • a third of an ounce of pepper
  • one to two chickens
  • two dozen eggs
  • two pounds of cheese
  • three to five salted herrings

Bread, potage, meat, and beer, prepared at an inn, could cost 2 pence per day for one person.

Please use the link below for more information on costs in the Middle Ages.

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many,like chicken teriyaki its so very delicious,meatoegg,saimiklop,and my favorite bagoong lazanyak

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the food cost under £1 for the victorians and the food would last over 2 weeks

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the cost of it is about £1.99

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100 hundred chillings

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Q: How much did yogurt cost in the Victorian era?
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