How was John Sutter's Childhood?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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It was really nice but at some times is was terrile he was poor like a bum

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Q: How was John Sutter's Childhood?
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What was john sutters mill?

It was sawmill

Who were john sutters family?

john sutters family was his mom carlena his dad john his sisters martha and mary and his thre brothers camrean william and jacob.

Who lived at sutters fort?

John Sutter

What were john sutters dreams?

probably about gold

What is John Sutters real name?

John Sutter was born on February 15, 1803.

What employee first discovered gold at john sutters dig sight?

Micheal kawas

Who owned sutters mill?

John Sutter and James Marshall owned Sutter Mill.

Why is it called 'sutters folly'?

John Sutter thought he found gold but what he really found was fools gold so his friends called him foolish and he named thins town sutters folly.

What was john sutters weight?

Unknown. I have read he wasn't very tall and liked to wear uniforms.

What nicknames does Craig Sutters go by?

Craig Sutters goes by Craig Mac.

How do you say sutters place in spanish?

You might say "el lugar de los Sutter." It literally means "the place of the Sutters." 'Los Sutter' means "The Sutters" in Spanish.

What is James marshall known for on john sutters ranch in California?

He's found gold while working on his land. The Gold Rush